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Founded in May 2002, the company is a high-tech enterprise in Haidian Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. The company has been focusing on the research and development of special ultraviolet light source technology for a long time, with special ultraviolet technology application products and manufacturing experience, and obtained 2 invention patents (patent holder: Zhang Runsong: patent number: ZL 03149541.9, ZL 2012 1 0072836.3) Appearance patents 2 (patent Owner: Beijing Aerospace Hongda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Patent No.: ZL 2019 3 0346603.0, ZL 2021 3 0019613.0).

Ultraviolet application products involve: special ultraviolet light source, ultraviolet light source ballast, light cleaning machine, air purifier , oil fume purification equipment, water treatment system and air treatment engineering, etc.

On August 30, 2011, Aerospace Hongda entered the agency stock quotation transfer system with stock code 430096.


1. In 2004, "High-strength self-purification light cleaning machine system" was included in the Haidian International Innovation Fund Subsidy Project

2. In 2008, it was supported by the patent implementation fund of Haidian Park

3. In 2009, it was supported by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission's "Independent Innovation Project of R&D Institutions".

4. In 2012, the project was approved by the special project for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises - improving research and development capabilities - "ultraviolet technology research and development center construction", and received free funding.

5. In 2012, the "Intelligent Ultraviolet Radiation Fume Purification Equipment" was approved by the Haidian District Innovation Fund and funded free of charge.

6. 2012 "Application of Dual-band Ultraviolet Technology to Improve Urban Atmospheric Environment" project (Item 513, classification number: 222)

It was listed as an advanced scientific and technological achievement in the "Benefiting the People Plan" by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Our professional team
R&D Department
Aerospace Hongda has its own UV Technology Research Institute. Has its own R&D laboratory and an experienced team of R&D experts
The production line of UV core components has formed a unique production process and core component products.
Production Department
Marketing Department
The company's products are exported to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.
  • company environment
    R&D and production base in Gu'an, Hebei
    R&D and production base in Gu'an, Hebei
  • 会议室
    Beijing Aerospace Hongda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Group photo of production staff
    During the epidemic, employees of the production department worked collectively overtime to produce disinfection and purifiers for hospitals in the epidemic area
    During the epidemic, employees of the production department worked collectively overtime to produce disinfection and purifiers for hospitals in the epidemic area

                              Hebei Gu 'an R & D production base

The company environment

Group photo of production staff
During the epidemic, the staff of the production department worked overtime to produce disinfection purifiers for the hospitals in the epidemic area

The company's future outlook 

The company's core technology: the company has been focusing on the development and industrialization of optical plasma (ultraviolet) technology and application products for more than ten years

The products formed by this technology, the main application areas:

● Environmental improvement and treatment (vehicle, household, commercial air purifiers, commercial oil fume treatment)

● Provide a variety of core components (ultraviolet photochemical reactor) for environmental protection high-end testing instruments

● Military and national defense application field: Provides ultraviolet light emitting unit in ultraviolet communication. (has passed military acceptance).

After 30 years of technology accumulation and research and development, the company has entered a period of rapid development.

The development technology route of Aerospace Hongda takes optical plasma technology as the main line, and gradually develops in depth along this industrial chain. Its upstream is the core device of "optical plasma tube" (UVC and VUV band ultraviolet) and its supporting driving power. After more than ten years R&D and production bases, teams, including testing and special production equipment have been established, which is also an advantage in the competition with air purification peers.。

Aerospace Hongda's products have their own intellectual property rights, especially the core components, which ensure the competitiveness of system products.

The system product is not a single "optical plasma" technology, but also conforms to a large number of other related technologies according to the system requirements. Such as "plasma technology", narrow pulse high power technology, high power pulse light source technology, electrodeless and DBD light source technology. In the control technology of ultraviolet by-product ozone, after years of efforts, new breakthroughs have been made.

A large number of technical reserves such as the Internet of Things, intelligent control, etc. will lay a solid foundation for the higher technical content of future application products.

According to the development stage and strength, the company will eventually form a long-term goal of pollution control from small air purification to industrial, commercial, and large-scale projects and facilities, and not only for air, but also for water treatment.

For large-scale pollution control related to international people's livelihood, it can be realized by using the self-purification principle of the bionic earth atmosphere.

The core of this self-purification principle is the optical plasma technology as the core. There are such application models abroad. Aerospace Hongda has certain competitive advantages in this field.


After nearly 30 years of hard work, the company has never given up on research and development, innovation, and perseverance, and finally has achieved certain results;

Now in the industrialization stage of transforming the achievements of many years of research and development into applied products, Aerospace Hongda sincerely looks forward to cooperating with more excellent enterprises,

Work together to develop and strengthen the beautiful vision of "Ultraviolet China, Purify the World".

Persevere in changing the beauty of the environment in which human beings live, and use technology to change the world and illuminate the future.