Founded in May 2002, the company is a high-tech enterprise in Haidian Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. The company has been focusing on the research and development of special ultraviolet light source technology for a long time, and has special ultraviolet technology application products and manufacturing experience.

Obtained 2 invention patents (patent holder: Zhang Runsong: patent number: ZL 03149541.9, ZL 2012 1 0072836.3) and 2 appearance patents (patent holder: Beijing Aerospace Hongda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Patent number: ZL 2019 3 0346603.0, ZL 2021 3 0019613.0).

Ultraviolet application products involve: special ultraviolet light source, ultraviolet light source ballast, light cleaning machine, air purifier, oil fume purification equipment, water treatment system and air treatment engineering, etc. The company's products are exported to Europe, North America and other places. Aerospace Hongda has its own production and manufacturing base, the company has a good reputation, and the quality of its products has been continuously improved, which has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers.

product category:
1. UV core components (UV core technology) products: special light source and supporting power supply (series)
2. Machine products: optical plasma air purifier products (series)
3. UV radiation light cleaning machine system products (series)
4. Oil fume Purification system products
5. Central air conditioning purification system (product)
6. Ship ballast water pollution control system
7. Relevant identification (detection) system: vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer (system)
8. Ballast water comprehensive detection system
9. Application system dedicated core Parts: special sensor series special ultraviolet illuminance sensor special flow sensor special ozone concentration sensor special pressure sensor special turbidity sensor
10. Key equipment of special ultraviolet light source production line
Product positioning:
●Special UV light source and power supply products
●Light cleaning machine products
●Optical plasma air purification products
●Professional complete solutions and engineering implementation for air and water pollution control
Technical strength:
 ● Aerospace Hongda has its own UV technology research institute;
 ●It has its own R&D laboratory and an experienced R&D expert group (a considerable number of them are from the old scientists of the Chinese Ministry of Space).
 ●The vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer independently developed by the company can detect the minimum wavelength below 50 nanometers and the resolution is as high as 0.02 nanometers, which also ensures that we can manufacture high-quality light source systems.
 ●Strong R&D strength has made us a supplier of core technologies, components and complete machine products

Technological innovation

  The products designed by Aerospace Hongda insist on maintaining high-end technology, optimized system performance and high cost performance. The foreign advanced technology is not simply introduced and imitated, nor is it general system integration, but on the basis of importing and absorbing its essence, it will be "innovated" and create its own characteristic products. Our product positioning and project establishment principles are based on the premise of clear market demand and certain technical difficulties in achieving the goal. Through innovation, we break through key technical bottlenecks and create high-end products. Only by changing "imitation" to "creation" and creating an excellent performance and price ratio can we have a good competitive advantage. In the system design, "applicability" and "differentiation" are more prominent , such as the idea of "self-purification", which makes it more environmentally friendly and safer. The application of a variety of sensors makes the system function more optimized, the price is moderate, and it can be better promoted. It can replace imports and optimize the structure of export products, which has a competitive advantage.    

Over the decades, the Aerospace  Hongda technical team has developed many high-quality projects:  

In 1998, gallium arsenide single crystal horizontal growth system, in 2001, "precision gyroscope for logging" was successfully developed, in 2003, the project of light cleaning machine was approved, in 2012, air purification system for mobile vehicles, etc.

Basic research and research on key generic technologies
Enhancing technical reserves is also improving core competitiveness
The company has been engaged in all-round research and development of key links in the UV technology industry chain since 2003. It integrates light sources (core components), power supplies (core components), complete machines and application systems. The initial investment is huge, but the starting point is high. It highlights the competitive advantages of the market, and can grow rapidly, and is eager to eventually form a strategic emerging industry. The company established the "UV Technology Research Institute" in 2007 and was recognized as a "R&D institution" by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission. We have clarified the product positioning and development direction, and inspired the development of core components with independent intellectual property rights and high-performance, cost-effective application products. Many of our individual core components, complete machines and system design results are not far behind foreign countries. To this end, we have increased investment in research and development of key technologies in the entire industry chain. After more than ten years of accumulation and development, we are now at a professional level in the industry in the application of UV technology.  
Cross-professional, multi-disciplinary, cross-industry composite technology

The major projects listed above, such as "Gallium Arsenide Single Crystal Horizontal Growth System", "Light Cleaning Machine", UV core components (light source and power supply), etc. are all composite technologies with a wide professional span and even cross-industry, highlighting the aerospace industry.  Hongda's strong technical advantages. Aerospace Hongda has always attached great importance to basic research and the development of key common technologies. For example, in order to successfully develop the optical cleaning system, it has developed special light sources and light source power sources in advance; The vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer enables quantitative testing and analysis of light sources (currently, domestic light source manufacturers do not conduct quantitative testing); at the same time, light source production equipment with unique performance and typical process innovations have been developed to ensure the competitiveness of core technologies.

Comprehensive technology, able to play an advantage in the fields of optics, mechanics, electricity and other fields with a wide professional span.

Good at using inter-professional and multi-disciplinary technology for overall system design. For example, the light cleaning machine involves special ultraviolet light source, high-power light source power supply, more complex automatic control system and electric light source, microelectronics, power electronics, automatic control, opto-mechanical integration and many other majors with large span. Therefore, the technology is difficult and the competitiveness is strong. The product developed is a cross-industry industrial compound. For example, the three sub-items in the light cleaning system have outstanding innovations.

The three major parts of special light source, electronic ballast and complete machine system have strong differences and incomparability with traditional industries, showing its high added value and technical advantages.

Adhere to the independent style and core competitiveness of mastering core technology and possessing intellectual property rights.

Aerospace Hongda has the courage to challenge cutting-edge technologies and is sensitive to new technologies. In years of R&D practice, we insist on our own way, learn from advanced technologies, never simply imitate and " integrate " any subject project, and must have independent core competitiveness and form a unique style and characteristics. Such as the " logging inclination precision gyroscope " (transplanting the inertial guidance technology used in aerospace to the logging system for oil exploration), drawing on American products. But the " continuous test " is realized ; the project " motor controller " realizes the " closed loop control " .Aerospace Hongda has the courage to challenge cutting-edge technologies and is sensitive to new technologies. In years of R&D practice, we insist on our own way, learn from advanced technologies, never simply imitate and " integrate " any subject project, and must have independent core competitiveness and form a unique style and characteristics. Such as the " logging inclination precision gyroscope " (transplanting the inertial guidance technology used in aerospace to the logging system for oil exploration), drawing on American products. But the " continuous test " is realized ; the project " motor controller " realizes the " closed loop control " .
Every project has been digested, absorbed and re-innovated.
For example, the high-power ultraviolet light source power supply currently being developed, purchased the German famous brand sample, but the development is better than its performance index. At present, the application of ultraviolet technology in China has not been vigorously promoted in the field of environmental pollution control. Its core technology and core components are dependent on imports and are expensive, which affects the promotion and application. Many small workshop-style factories have small production scale, low level of production, low investment in scientific and technological support, and slow technological progress. Because the core technology is not in their own hands, they can only do integration, which restricts the development of technology.
By increasing investment in research and development, effectively improving research and development capabilities, conducting in-depth research on the core content of UV technology, such as core components, complete machine products, system equipment and researching their matching relationships, to achieve perfect results, and change the low-end products of core components , the whole product has low function, and the system design technology is single;

through technological innovation to improve the core competitiveness, that is: to achieve high-end core components, intelligent product, system design complex new height, create high added value, low cost good products; enable the development of UV technology through innovation; and participate in international competition.

Special UV light source Applicable scientific research management system, courage to inherit and innovate.
Through institutional innovation of R&D institutions, we will do a good job in key elements in the industrial chain (special ultraviolet light source, special supporting power supply, application products and application systems), and finally make the whole industrial chain. The application field of UV technology project is environmental protection. Specifically, air and water pollution control. This is a huge multi-disciplinary and inter-professional system engineering. Ultraviolet technology is one of the important means. Because of its high efficiency and no secondary pollution, it is growing rapidly. In China, the new drinking water standard has entered the mandatory implementation period and the environmental protection situation such as air purification requirements such as PM2.5 has undergone rapid changes; it will inevitably lead to a huge demand for ultraviolet technology. The technology is still in its infancy in my country. However, it has a history of nearly 100 years in foreign countries, and the operation mode is relatively mature, and the enterprises that have formed a large scale are almost doing "the whole industry chain".  
①At present, China is developing in isolated areas of the industrial chain. Because this industry chain is specialized and the industry span is very large, they do not understand each other. It is difficult to form an application system with a certain level of development in a single technical field.
② The research and development of special ultraviolet light sources and power sources for key components is difficult to meet the requirements of the system. Conversely, enterprises engaged in application systems do not understand the former technology, and it is difficult to make exact requirements and match them.  
③ The light source power supply is another field that is different from the light source industry. (Those who engage in light sources do not understand power supplies, and those who engage in power sources do not understand light sources.) The coordination of the three is more complicated

④ The existing system is difficult to ensure that the achievements of light source and power supply are exclusively enjoyed by system enterprises, and intellectual property rights cannot be effectively protected. The core content of UV technology: light source, power supply, application system. It is not only three different industries, but also has a very close matching relationship between them. Only in the "three-in-one" (or N -in- one) system where one enterprise completes the entire industrial chain, can the key links in the industrial chain be the most efficient. Only with good matching can the outstanding contradictions in the coordination of various links be overcome, and the innovation of UV technology and the rapid development of the industry can meet the major needs of China's environmental situation. This has been proved by the successful experience of large enterprises in foreign counterparts. In order to catch up with and surpass the world level as soon as possible, it is necessary to build an industrial chain and system innovation.    

Focusing on independent research and development and extensive cooperation, gathering elites to achieve goals.   

Independent research and development: optical plasma technology with ultraviolet technology as the core technology and special ultraviolet light source and supporting power supply as the core components, we closely follow the world's professional level, break through cutting-edge key technologies, actively innovate, highlight differences and characteristics, and create new achievements in application Our characteristics and advantages, and actively participate in the world competition. Extensive cooperation: In this application field, in addition to the innovation of core technologies, many related professional technologies are also involved, and joint development with universities or scientific research institutions of related majors is adopted. For example, the successful development of "Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectrometer" is the crystallization of cooperation with "Changchun Institute of Optics and Mechanics", which solves the quantitative detection and analysis of special light sources and enhances our position in the industry. Currently actively preparing to establish a "laboratory". Another example is the demonstration application of ultraviolet technology in the field of "emission reduction" environmental protection. It has cooperated with Shanghai Fudan University Electric Light Source Research Institute, Beijing Petroleum University Chemical Research Institute, Beijing Institute of Technology Department of Optical Engineering... This year, they will increase their cooperation efforts to promote the transformation of achievements.    

Adhering to the necessary investment in research and development is the guarantee of insisting on innovation

Over the years, the company has insisted on technological innovation, and the investment in research and development is huge, up to more than 70% , and the minimum is more than 10% of the total income , which is used to increase research and development equipment, instruments, declare patents, purchase books, materials and participate in Necessary academic exchange activities, strengthen technical team building, and continuously improve research and development capabilities. Over the years, Aerospace Hongda has not been afraid of hardships and difficulties on the road of innovation. In 2003 , the project "Ultraviolet Light Cleaning Machine" was established, but the purchase of foreign UV core components was rejected, and the technical indicators of domestic products could not meet the requirements of the project system. In the face of "technology blockade", there was no retreat. Starting from scratch, starting from scratch, and independently researching and developing (core components, whole system). There is no equipment, no instrument developed independently. From the first special ultraviolet light source test production line to the first key equipment for the research and development of ultraviolet light sources - to the vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer. Using our own developed equipment and instruments, we have trained a group of technical teams, explored a unique production process, and produced special ultraviolet light sources and power supplies that meet the project system requirements. In 2006 , the invention patent of "ultraviolet radiation light cleaning machine" was obtained. In 2007 , the "UV Technology Research Institute" was established, which broke the passive situation that the core components were "blocked". Due to the advanced technical indicators of our light source and power supply and reliable performance, we have become the supplier of the core components of well-known European and American brands of air purifiers. . After several years of concentrated research and production practice on UV technology, its core components enjoy a certain reputation at home and abroad.

Scientific attitude and truth-seeking spirit

In the years of scientific research and production, Aerospace Hongda adheres to the scientific attitude and the spirit of truth-seeking.
In cooperation with customers for many years, we first carefully check ourselves for every question (even a small one) raised. Even if it is not our problem, we can give technical guidance and advice in good faith, and win customers with modesty and prudence. trust, and established a long-term stable and harmonious supply and demand relationship with customers.
Gathering elites, cohesion of unity and cooperation. After years of experience and accumulation, the technology is more comprehensive, and the knowledge has been expanded. In addition, it is sensitive to new technologies, obtains information quickly, can track cutting-edge technologies and grasp their development trends, and can quickly solve technical problems that need to be solved. React and find effective solutions with extensive engineering experience.

Carry out in-depth communication, discussion and cooperation with other professional fields to achieve technical exchange, complementarity, and strive for the best results. Unity and cooperation, sharing of results, sharing of interests, and integrity first.

Perseverance and determination to persevere

  It has been more than 20 years since the company started with 3,000 yuan . The development of the company is from scratch, from small to large. Looking back on the journey, there are successful stages of glory; it has also gone through detours, but persevered and the company has grown. . Today, enterprises are facing huge challenges and opportunities, and continue to develop, insist on making high-quality products, and maintain technological innovation are the advantages of Aerospace Hongda.