Optical plasma purification technology is an advanced oxidative degradation technology formed by advanced photochemical reaction technology.
Its energy composition is Dual Wavelength (UVC, UVD ) Ultraviolet Light + (Photo Activation) → Pure Ozone ( O3 ) + Atomic Oxygen ( O ) + Ground State Oxygen ( O* )
Through the special ultraviolet light source with two wavelengths, a series of strong sterilization and disinfection light,
Clusters of electric plasmas, collectively known as photoplasmas
Photoplasma purification technology
The optical plasma purification technology is an advanced technology that actively purifies the air. When the air enters the purification room,
its unique optical plasma technology can generate a large amount of optical plasma .
Active purification of polluted air. Since the traditional methods and technologies of passive air purification have been changed, the speed of air pollution control has been greatly improved. Optical plasma can destroy almost all organic pollutants; at the same time, the negative ions generated can eliminate particles in the air.
The light plasma is rapidly reduced to carbon dioxide and water in the process of purifying the air, without any chemical residues, without secondary pollution, and harmless to the human body and the environment. Optical plasma purification technology has proven to be an excellent method of removing contamination from the air and surfaces.  
Compare by experiment:  
It takes about 10 hours when the plasma high voltage discharge ozone is used to remove biological contamination from the surface.  
When irradiated with UV light, it takes about 1 hour to achieve the same clearing effect.  
When the plasma high-voltage discharge ozone and ultraviolet light are used at the same time, it takes about 1.5 minutes to achieve the same cleaning effect.   
When using optical plasma technology to achieve the same removal effect, it only takes 20 seconds.
Optical plasma technology is to use photon energy to break the polymer chain and macromolecular chain of organic matter into small molecules, atoms, free radicals, etc.; and to convert oxygen molecules in the air into ozone O3. O3 is then acted by photons to generate ground-state oxygen atoms O*, which will strongly oxidize the broken organic substances into CO, CO2, H2O and other volatilizations, which are discharged with the exhaust gas without leaving any traces at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. No damage, no chemicals are used, it is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and it is safer. 
As we all know, the main elements of all organic pollution (bacterial viruses, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, etc.) are carbon and hydrogen, and the molecular structure is relatively stable. The basic principle of purification and degradation with light plasma is:
The organic matter (hydrocarbon) under the irradiation of specific wavelength (UVC) and specific intensity of ultraviolet radiation undergoes a photosensitive process, that is, after the molecule of the organic compound absorbs the photon energy of a specific wavelength, the molecular chain is torn and decomposed into ions and free atoms. , excited molecules or neutral molecules; at the same time, under the irradiation of ultraviolet radiation of a specific wavelength (UVD) and a specific intensity, the oxygen molecules (O2) in the air will become ozone (O3) and atomic oxygen after absorbing the photon energy (O), ground state oxygen (O*); the chemical properties of these elements are very active, have a strong oxidizing effect, and are strong oxidants, which can oxidize all the photosensitive decomposition products of organic matter into water vapor (H2O) and carbon dioxide ( CO2) and other volatile harmless gases to achieve the purpose of completely removing pollutants.
Difference Between Ozone and Active Oxygen

What is ozone?   

Plasma high voltage ozone ozone chemical formula O3,formula quantity 47.998,an allotrope of oxygen. A light blue gas with a fishy odor. Plasma technologygeneratesa corona in the gas through an alternating high-voltage electric field, and the free high-energy electrons in the corona dissociate the oxygen molecules and aggregate into ozone molecules by collision. This kind of ozone ionizes nitrogen in the air and produces carcinogen nitrogen oxides, so we say that the ozone produced by traditional ozone generator devices is harmful. Negative ion technology isalso a high-voltage discharge .[The generated negative ions are charged and negatively charged], which is a strong reducing agent and has an antioxidant effect. There are no ground-state oxygen atoms and hydrogen-oxygen machines in the composition of this ozone, and it only has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, which has little effect on formaldehyde.   

UV ozone  

Ozone exists in the atmosphere, with a concentration of 0.001-0.03ppm near the surface of the earth. It is generated by the oxygen in the atmosphere absorbing the ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of less than 185nm from the sun. This ozone layer can absorb the harmful short-wave (below 30nm) rays of sunlight. , to prevent this short-wave light from reaching the ground, so that humans are protected from ultraviolet rays. This kind of ozone is what we call ozone in nature. The ozone generated by ultraviolet radiation is high in the forest and seaside with good air, and the air is fresh. The optical plasma purification technology imitates the purification principle of nature and uses ultraviolet rays to generate ozone. Very pure, this kind of ozone we call "pure UV ozone".  

What is the difference between ozone sterilization produced by an ozone generator and light plasma technology sterilization?  

First of all, in terms of function and effect, the ozone generator only produces ozone, and the effect of ozone disinfection is very small .  Ozone cannot penetrate the membrane of the virus.

Ultraviolet light is a light plasma technology that can penetrate the
shell of a virus and change its DNA:
use 185short - wave ultraviolet to cut the molecular chains of organic substances in the air.  It has a chemical reaction with single atoms, and finally becomes water and carbon dioxide . The by-product of short-wave ultraviolet is ozone, not ozone. The effect of ozone in this process is actually very small . Therefore, the ozone disinfection method of traditional ozone generators is the same as Compared with optical plasma, the speed of purification, sterilization and disinfection is not at the same level. In addition, the ozone produced by the traditional ozone generator is carcinogenic, so the harm outweighs the benefit, so we choose the optical plasma technology, which is efficient and safe.  
The reason why we say that the light plasma produces reactive oxygen can not be said to be ozone, because the chemical composition is different, and the effect is also different.

Ozone generated by high voltage (plasma) ≠ active oxygen (ground state oxygen atom+ultraviolet pure ozone+ atomic oxygen)
How to Use Active Oxygen The use
of active oxygen is adjusted according to space and environmental changes.
Simple method of use: take turns to close the doors and windows of the room for disinfection, after people leave the room and turn on the oxygen ion button, the small room will be treated for 30 minutes, and the room of 40-80 square meters will be treated for 40-60 minutes.
If the environment is poor, there are many viruses, and there are many people, you can open it several times a day according to the situation, and you can also treat it for 10 minutes each time.
The ultraviolet active oxygen contains pure ozone, which will neutralize and disappear in the process of decomposing with toxic and harmful gases . That is to say, if you are in an environment with many people, poor environment, dirty air and peculiar smell, then If the ozone concentration produced by ultraviolet rays is the same as the composition of your harmful gas, the two will be offset during the decomposition process, and you will not smell the odor or the smell of ozone. The most intuitive way to measure the quality of the air, You can smell the air very fresh and clear, without any odor. An appropriate amount of pure ozone is beneficial to the human body, and the air will be particularly fresh and comfortable. The environment is the most complex. The environment of each family is different. The air flows and the environment is constantly changing. Therefore, there is no fixed definition. How long must the oxygen ions be turned on? Be sure to leave the room. In many cases, it is possible. Human and machine coexist. This oxygen ion mode can be turned on for as long as needed. Experiment with different environments a few times to learn what works for you. It is recommended that the first time you receive the purifier, you can test the different concentrations of oxygen ions in different environments and feel that each person's acceptance of the smell of ozone is also different. Some people like it and others are sensitive, and it can be controlled flexibly according to personal preferences.
The excellent low-light plasma purifier generally has two modes. The default mode is the ozone-free mode, which does not need to leave people, and the sterilization and disinfection effect is also very good. The ozone mode is for powerful and rapid sterilization and odor removal.

The difference between traditional UV irradiation disinfection and photoplasma:


Ordinary ultraviolet lamps directly irradiate and disinfect, and can only target the surface of objects. Because there is no circulation, air disinfection cannot be achieved, and people cannot be on the scene.
General disinfectants and ultraviolet lamps cannot achieve 24-hour uninterrupted disinfection.

Optical plasma technology is a comprehensive application technology of ultraviolet technology.
The traditional ultraviolet light is designed in the purifier system,
completely enclosed in the purifier cabin,
and high-energy ultraviolet and light plasma are used to scatter into the air for sterilization and disinfection. Dead corner,
the entire space including the surface of the object is sterilized,
and the problem of ultraviolet radiation is solved, which is both efficient and safe