On December 28 , 2005 in Beijing Aerospace Hongda Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., it was composed of electrical experts from Beijing Institute of Technology, chairman of the Expert Committee of China Cleaning Technology Engineering Technology Cooperation Association, cleaning technology experts, and aerospace technology group company printed board process technology experts. The expert appraisal group (the list of experts is attached), the participating experts listened to the company's research and development report, consulted the relevant data, user reports and on-site visits to prototypes, and conducted on-site demonstrations. After careful discussion and evaluation, the appraisal opinions are as follows:  
1、 Evaluation of the authenticity and effectiveness of the technology The light cleaning system uses the principle of photochemistry to clean and modify the processed objects through short ultraviolet light radiation. Is an advanced new technology, and environmental protection without secondary pollution. After testing, identification and on-site demonstrations by relevant professional units, the wetting angle has been improved by more than 50% , and the Auger energy spectrometer test indicates that the carbon peaks of organic pollutants have basically disappeared, and the effect is confirmed. This project was funded by the Haidian Park Innovation Fund of Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in 2004 . The technology of this project is real and determined.

Technology maturity and reliability evaluation
   After research and development and pilot test, the project has entered the stage of small batch production, and all three sub-items have reached and exceeded the expected technical indicators. Special light sources have achieved long life, constant illuminance, etc., high-power intelligent electronic ballasts and light sources have achieved the best match, and the whole system design has realized the application design to meet the needs of different customers. As a commercial design stage, the technology is mature.    The safety and environmental protection characteristics of the system equipment have been carefully designed, and the protection of people and the environment has been carefully and perfectly considered. The products have good reliability. The conclusions reported by users show that the performance of the light source is stable, the power supply of the light source works reliably, the whole system runs well, and the cleaning effect is remarkable. The whole system has reasonable design and strong applicability. It can be used in industrial production lines and other scientific research departments. It is easy to operate, practical and widely used.  

3、 Evaluation of technological advancement and market competitiveness This program covers three different areas of specialization. The project has a wide range of majors, involving optics, electronics, photochemistry, electric light sources, power electronics, automatic control, opto-mechanical integration , etc. It is an inter-professional and multi-disciplinary collection. In these fields, new technologies and new key points are involved in the world that are relatively old, so the technical difficulty is high and the technical content is high. The overall concept of the whole system is bold, the program execution is strong and the operability is strong, and the "precision cleaning" of high-end products is realized. Has a strong market competitive advantage. The three different sub-items of this project have outstanding innovations. The three major parts of special light source, electronic ballast, and complete system all show strong differences and incomparability with the traditional industry, showing its high added value and technological advancement. Has a very good market competitive advantage. The three parts of this project are new technologies with independent intellectual property rights. The three parts are completed by the same entity. The coordination, distribution and supplement of technical parameters have unique advantages and shorten the industrialization process. This scientific research system is also an important advantage of market competition.

        4. Evaluation of the environmental protection characteristics of the project The technology of this proje Evaluation of environmental protection characteristics of the project This project technology has no toxic and harmful substances in the degradation process of organic pollutants, and no secondary pollution.  As the "cleaning industry" of heavy pollution industry, the pollutants produced by chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning have caused great damage to the ozone layer.  In the urgent situation of the elimination of "ODS", this technology products is to protect the ozone layer, environmental protection suitable alternative technology and products;  At the same time, cleaner production has been achieved.  The application of ULTRAVIOLET technology in "precision cleaning" shows the prospect of transforming the traditional cleaning industry with advanced cleaning technology. Due to the environmental friendliness of the project, the sustainable development of the industry can be realized.  

        5. Evaluation of market prospect of project technology

Suggestion: Develop series of products for different application fields, reduce specificity, reduce cost, and facilitate promotion.  In a word, the technology of this project provides basic research direction and demonstration application prospect for the application of ULTRAVIOLET technology in various fields, which has high value.  
Appraisal Opinions of the Technical Expert Group on Ultraviolet Radiation Light Cleaning Machines