According to the China Air Monitoring Center, the content of formaldehyde or benzene in the air exceeds the standard, and these carcinogens seriously endanger human health. Our company's ultraviolet light plasma air purification system solves this problem very well. Through the artificial bionic cosmic strong radiation light (there is no such light wave in the earth's atmosphere), using the principles of photochemistry, photoplasma and photoionization, the toxic substances, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses in the air are vigorously disinfected. The technical difficulty lies in ensuring the safety of personnel. And it has the advantages of thorough purification, no secondary pollution, energy saving, low cost, and widespread sterilization.

   Our company uses the core technology of own intellectual property rights - "optical plasma comprehensive technology" to develop a series of air purification equipment. Products include: vehicle-mounted air purification equipment, home/office air purification equipment, commercial air purification equipment, etc.

   Main functions: kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the air; degrade formaldehyde, stupid, ammonia and other organic volatile compounds (TOVC). The test results of the national authoritative department show that the inactivation rate of microorganisms is higher than 83%, and the degradation rate of organic volatiles is higher than 95%.

Operating Voltage power control method Air volume noise   Operating temperature
AC200V~220V 60-70W button 19–95 m3/h 43–67dB 0~70 degrees
size weight shell material Executive standard Display device   disinfecting method
375×125×535mm 8kgMetal Enterprise standard LED indicator UV, Ozone

Model:  MZ-57EC




High-speed rail station gate disinfection device





Installation, debugging and use

1. This equipment is used for air sterilization at the entrance of the high-speed railway station, and is installed at the entrance of the station.

2. This purification equipment comes with a font-shaped power plug, which is inserted into the equipment at the entrance of the high-speed rail. After the power is turned on, the power indicator lights up, then turn on the switch of the air disinfecting equipment, the equipment work indicator lights up, and the work starts.

3. Push the equipment into the high-speed rail entry equipment and lock it.

4. During work, do not directly touch the lamp tube of the equipment, and do not look directly at it, and do not directly irradiate the skin to avoid damage;

5. The lamp tube should be kept clean during use. Generally, it should be cleaned with alcohol cotton every 2 weeks. When dust and oil are found on the surface of the lamp tube, it should be wiped at any time. Equipment inspection should be carried out once a month to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

6. When the equipment is sterilized, a sufficient dose should be achieved. When the intensity of the lamp tube is below 70Uw/cm2, the lamp tube should be replaced. Or establish a usage time registration card, if the usage time exceeds 1000H, the lamp should be replaced;

7.The equipment should be used continuously for 3-6 months, and professional equipment should be used.


Troubleshooting and troubleshooting

fault phenomenon

Cause Analysis

Method of exclusion

 The fan is damaged

1.The fan is damaged

2.No power supply

3.Insurance damage

1.Consult the manufacturer to replace the fan

2. Check whether the power interface is connected

3.Replace the insurance


Abnormal disinfecting function 

1. The device light does not work

2. The equipment lights are covered with dust

3. Ballast damage

1. Replace the device light

2. Clean tube

3. Change ballast

transportation and storage

1. The outer packaging of the product is a carton.

2. The product should not be directly affected by rain, frost and fog during transportation, and there is no damage such as extrusion or impact.

3. The product should be stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse with a relative humidity of less than 85%, more than 50mm above the ground, and the stacking height should not exceed 2 layers.

Unpacking and Inspection

1. When you buy this product, you should unpack and check on the spot, and check all items according to the packing list.

2. The packaging should be intact.

3. If you find that the product is damaged or the parts are falling off or loose when unpacking, please contact us in time.

Precautions for safe use

1. Do not plug or unplug the power supply with wet hands.

2. Try not to place the device in direct sunlight to avoid high temperature damage to the internal electronic components.

3. Do not wash the machine with water to prevent leakage.

4. Do not block the vents with your hands or other objects, so as not to affect the air circulation .

5. To clean the vents, unplug the power and wipe it with a soft cloth.

6. When cleaning the air inlet filter, the power supply should be unplugged before cleaning .

7. Our company is responsible for the maintenance of the purifier. If you find any problems, please contact us in time. Users are not allowed to disassemble it by themselves, otherwise the consequences will be borne by themselves.

Thank you for purchasing UVCN Youwei air purifier series products

In order to prevent counterfeiting, please fill in the purchase information on the warranty card as soon as possible .

Relevant regulations, to provide you with the following warranty services:

Relevant regulations, to provide you with the following warranty services:

2. Within 3 months since the purchase of this product, if the machine fails due to non-human factors, it can be replaced. (Subject to purchase invoice date)

3. From the date of purchase, users will receive our one-year warranty service and lifetime free.