• UV4000
  • UV5000
  • UV1000
  • UV3000
1. Working voltage: AC220V
2. Power: 45W
3. Interface buttons:
Wind speed: control the wind speed gear (1-10 gears)
Active oxygen: control the active oxygen gear (0-10 gears)
Timing: control the intelligent optical plasma purifier On and off time (0 – 5 hours)
Sleep: wind speed and active oxygen are automatically adjusted to the minimum gear; click again to wake up sleep.
4. Control method:
①Interface button control
②Connect to WIFI mobile phone APP terminal (Android and Apple system) for intelligent control.
5. Fault detection: At the same time, real-time detection of oxygen lamps and anaerobic lamps for damage.
6. Display device: LED custom screen
7. Applicable area: 20 – 80㎡
8. Operating temperature: 5 ~ 35 degrees
9. Size: 415×294×188mm
10. Weight: 3.8Kg
11. Shell material: ABS
UV4000 Intelligent Photoplasma Indoor Air Purification and Disinfection Machine
The new model in 2020 has a
stylish appearance, intelligent operation, and adjustable active oxygen technology, which makes the coexistence of machines safer and the disinfection effect is better.









Application area



The new UV5000-S is equipped with timing and remote control functions, which are more convenient to operate. 
The active oxygen has set a very practical 3-speed switching function, which can be switched at will according to your own needs and changes in the environment.
Function: remote control, active oxygen level 2 concentration switching.
(This product will have an upgraded smart version in the future. Currently, the pre-sale is the non-adjustable version of active oxygen, which is divided into 2 purification modes)
UV5000 Optical Plasma Commercial Air Purification and Disinfection Machine
The appearance is simple and industrial, and the remote control back cover can be opened to increase the function of direct irradiation and disinfection (you can replace the light tube yourself, which is convenient for maintenance)

UV1000 model

Active oxygen (selectable on time)

UVCUVC disinfection mode without ozone

Disinfection intensity

Applicable environment

Application area

Powerful A100

100% ozone

24 hours on


Newly renovated room

40 square meters

Standard A050

50% ozone

24 hours on



20-40 square meters

Fresh A025

25% ozone

24 hours on



15 square meters

Breathing A010

10% ozone

24 hours on


mother and baby room

15 square meters

Originating from SARS in 2003, the shape of the white cross was designed for medical staff and was launched in 2005. For bacteria, viruses and formaldehyde, the patented functions of optical plasma purifiers have been applied: sterilization, disinfection, air purification, negative ions, wind speed adjustment, active oxygen level 2 concentration switching
UV1000 light plasma ultra-thin air purification and disinfection machine
Dimensions: 320x210x80mm
Weight: 2.5Kg
Shell: Color: White
Input Voltage: DC 12V 1A
Input Power: ≤16w
Model: vertical horizontal can be suspended
Portable, high-power, faster purification and disinfection, metal shell industrial style, simple shape, easy to operate. Applicable: used for rapid air purification in clinics, wards, hotels and factories, disinfection and deodorization, sterilization function: active oxygen level 2 concentration switching
UV3000 Optical Plasma Portable Air Purification and Disinfection Machine
Size: 564x170x225mm
Net Weight: 4.8kg
Color: Gray
Material : All Metal
Rated Input Voltage: 220 V AC
Rated Output Power: < 76w 
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