Basic configuration and scheme of online light cleaning machine [ basic type ] HDGX-200SP02

 Main performance indicators:

1) The width of the processed glass substrate is1100mm
2) The speed of the assembly line is1.5m/min, and the speed of the assembly line is adjustable;
3) The width of the assembly line is1100mm
4) The thickness of the processed glass substrate is3.2mm
5) The light source adopts dual wavelength(UVC+VUV240WUshaped lamp tube;300W special electronic ballast for light cleaning lamp;
6) The number of light sources is 18 sets;
7) UVirradiation area1100mm(width)×1300mm(length);
8) SingleUVirradiation energy≥1200mJ
     9) Sensor self-induction feedback, automatic speed regulation of the conveyor belt(0.52.5 m/min), eliminating the accumulation of distance errors caused by the speed fluctuation of the conveyor belt;
     10) Can output or input linkage signal;
11) Exhaust system, adjustable air volume, connected to the workshop exhaust system;
12) Multi-point temperature real-time monitoring;
13) UVUV light source fault monitoring, lamp failure alarm and indication;

  Production cycle: 10 weeks  

Automation Advanced Configuration TypeHDGX-200SP04  
Note: Most of the functions in the high-end model are optional.  
1) Multifunctional automatic control;
2) 14nch LCD man-machine display interface;
3) With a computer communication interface, it can be monitored remotely;
4)  Man-machine interface working condition monitoring;
5) WithUVillumination monitoring;
6) O3concentration monitoring;
7) Exhaust gas treatment device;
8) The outdoor exhaust terminal is linked with the host;  
Production cycle: 14weeks
  The basic form is shown in the figure:(the width of this table is370mm)