Hydroxyl Purifier Theory Description

1.  Hydroxyl free radicals existing in nature

1. Professor Paul Crutzen , a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry and a world pioneer in the field of atmospheric chemistry , coined the term"atmospheric cleaner" to describe the important cleaning effect of hydroxyl radicals ( OH * ) in the troposphere . He noted that OH * is the most important oxidant in the troposphere, oxidizing most of the trace gases that have been found in the troposphere to water - soluble products ( CO2 and H2O ) , which are then washed away by rain and snow.

2. In the troposphere, in the presence of water vapor ( H 2 O ), ultraviolet rays ( UV ) from the sun irradiate ozone to form OH * . The initial reaction involves the photolysis of O by solar radiation.

① 3+ UV → + O

Then, the oxygen atom ( O ) reacts with water vapor to generate two OH * .

② O + H O→ 2 OH*

Artificially generate hydroxyl radicals

UV radiation of a specific wavelength and a specific intensity forms hydroxyl radicals with water in the air (humidity ≥ 5% ).

UV radiation of a specific wavelength and a specific intensity forms hydroxyl radicals with water in the air (humidity ≥ 5% ).

1. the characteristics of hydroxyl

① Hydroxyl radical is the oxidant second only to fluorine in nature (the oxidation potential of fluorine is  3.03ev the oxidation potential of hydroxyl radical is 2.80ev, and the oxidation potential of ozone is 2.07)。

② Hydroxy radicals can interact with more than5000known compounds (inorganic substances such asH2SCONHetc ; organic substances such as aldehydes, alcohols, ketones, ethers, benzene, etc.) and microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, molds, etc.) bacteria, etc.) react.

③ The chemical reaction of hydroxyl radicals can be completed within 2244ms( milliseconds), and the reaction rate is 1 million times faster than that of ozone.

④ The hydroxyl life is very short, and the outdoor hydroxyl will not drift into the room.
⑤ Hydroxy is lighter than air and easy to flow with air.

2. the characteristics of hydroxyl purifier

① The green technology that replicates the principles of nature is harmless to people, animals, plants and pets;

② Convenient , efficient, can coexist between human and machine;

③ No chemical substances are added in the purification technology;

④ Acting on the air, the surface of hard objects and the interior of fabrics, it can kill bacteria, viruses, molds; remove  VOCS, odor, etc.

⑤ Harmless to sensitive materials such as rubber, plastic and fabric.

⑥ Hydroxyl purifier can achieve a natural balance—— the indoor pollutants are completely eliminated, and there will be no chain reaction, that is, the equilibrium state is reached.

combined with our company practice, product development ideas

Necessary conditions for hydroxyl production: ozonewater (in air),254nm ultraviolet light

We can adjust the amount of ozone produced under the condition of (OH) efficiency. It would be best if it could be controlled within a safe range during the ozone generation stage. If more ozone must be produced at this stage, an ozone catalyst (manganese dioxide) should be added at the end to ensure that the export concentration does not exceed the limit.

Free radical chain reaction explanation:

 chamber chamber: in the condition of ultraviolet radiation, the water in the air is constantly forming hydroxyl radicals;

 Outside the chamber: hydroxyl radicals are short-lived and have a very limited distance to float out of the chamber. And the hydroxyl group is going to follow

The organic matter entering the chamber is oxidized into organic free radicals, and the organic free radicals will quickly form peroxy free radicals with the surrounding oxygen. This kind of material is less oxidized than hydroxyl free radicals, but it is more stable and has a longer distance. It can deal with compounds and microorganisms in a certain area. Peroxyl radicals can also form oxygen radicals in ambient air, which are more stable oxidants that travel farther and react with surrounding organic matter and microorganisms. In this way, many downstream chain reactions occur, in which not only are more stable free radicals generated and propagated more widely, but also new hydroxyl radicals are formed and scattered throughout space. Because these free radicals are all over the air, they oxidize the surface and inside the fabric.