Portable, high power, faster purification and disinfection, metal shell industrial wind, simple shape, easy to operate.uv3000

Application: Used for quick air purification, disinfection, deodorization and sterilization in hospital rooms, hotels and factories

Function: Reactive oxygen species level 2 concentration switch

Product parameters:

Size :564x170x225mm Net weight:4.8kg
Color: Grey and white
Material: All metal Rated input voltage: 220 V AC
Rated output power: < 76w
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz Rated input current: 0.43 A

Product Features:
Very low energy consumption. Do not need filter material, battery replacement very low maintenance requirements. Reduce economic and labor costs. Just replace the tubes every 12 months for best results.

Effectiveness study: UVCN technology can achieve the following removal effects after detection:

 The removal rate of surface E. coli was >99.999% 

The removal rate of Listeria surface was more than >99.999% 

Surface Salmonella removal rate was 100% 

The removal rate of bacteria in air was 98.24% 

The removal rate of hydrogen sulfide in the air was 100% 

Avian influenza virus removal rate >99.999 

The removal rate of parainfluenza virus was >99.999

Disinfection efficiency :99%/10 minutes

 Natural bacterial extinction rate :83.9% 

Formaldehyde removal rate :93.7% benzene removal rate :92.50%
Ammonia removal rate :92.1% 

TVOC removal rate:93.7%

Main technical parameters:
Active ingredients :UVC + UVD + 03 + 0 + 0*

 Operating temperature:-4°C——45°C

 Ambient humidity:0——85%

Continuous working air volume of outlet:7m/s
Air exchange:400-420 m3/h 

Effective application area :200-300m2(reference value) 

Noise of air outlet:<80db 


Optical plasma technology
And then, photoplasma was developed by using advanced photochemical reaction technology

Advanced oxidation degradation technology, photoplasma with the following several energy composition: dual wavelength (UVC, UVD) ultraviolet light +(photoelectroactivation) → pure ozone (O3)+ atomic oxygen (O)+ ground state oxygen (O*), through two wavelengths of special ultraviolet light source, Can produce a series of intense sterilization of optical and electrical plasma cluster, collectively known as optical plasma.

As we all know, the main elements of all organic pollution (bacteria and viruses, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC, etc.) are H and C (carbon and hydrogen), and their molecular structure is relatively stable. The basic principle of photoplasma purification and degradation is that the organic matter (carbon hydrogenated compound) will generate photosensitive path under specific wavelength (UVC) and specific intensity of violet external emission light. That is, the molecular chain is torn and decomposed into ions, free atoms, excited molecules or neutral molecules after the splitter of the organic compound absorbs the photon energy of a specified wavelength. At the same time, under the irradiation of specific wavelength (UVD) and specific intensity of ultraviolet radiation light, oxygen molecules in the air (O2) will become ozone (O3) and atomic oxygen (O), ground state oxygen (O*) after absorbing photon energy; The chemical properties of these elements are very active, with strong oxygenation, is a strong oxidant, can be photosensitive decomposition of organic matter all oxidation, into water vapor (H20) and carbon dioxide (C02) and other volatile harmless gases, to achieve the purpose of thorough removal of pollutants.

Compared with other traditional purification methods, this purification result is clean, thorough, no residue, and will not bring secondary pollution.


User feedback:

In the garbage treatment plant exhibition hall, because formaldehyde exceeds the standard, and the smell is very big, after buying 2 sets of UV3000

Odor is not a little, formaldehyde is also treated thoroughly


Newly decorated families to formaldehyde epidemic period of rapid disinfection



UV3000 portable photoplasma purifier