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Installation:Can be wall mounted and can be tiled on the desktop

Applicable:Outpatient room, ward, office, cat house, pet hospital, family, public toilet and other places to sterilize, disinfect, air purify and remove formaldehyde.

Function:remote control, active oxygen level 2 concentration switching. (This product will have an upgraded smart version in the future. Currently, the pre-sale is the non-adjustable version of active oxygen, which is divided into 2 purification modes)

Product features: Ultra-quiet fan, almost no noise can be heard, the formaldehyde removal speed can be said to be very fast, UV1000 takes half an hour to remove formaldehyde, and this machine only takes 7 minutes.

 Product warranty for one year. Replace UV core components every year.








The new UV5000-S is equipped with timing and remote control functions, which are more convenient to operate.
Active oxygen has a very practical 3-speed switching function, which
can be switched at will according to your own needs and changes in the environment.


1. Active oxygen is divided into 3 grades:
3 grades of light tube control can control the combination at will - the effect is doubled.


Active oxygen level 0:It is an ozone-free 254 Photoplasma tube.
The ultraviolet rays in this band can be sterilized and disinfected. Human and machine coexist,
very safe, and no ozone is generated.


Active oxygen L file:It is a dual-band light plasma tube, UVC+UVD band ultraviolet,
only a small amount of ozone is generated, within the scope of national security, an appropriate amount of ozone is beneficial to the human body, and the
effect of disinfection and air purification is better.
Suitable environment: hospital clinics, or public places with many people, such as offices.


Active oxygen H file: dual-band light plasma tube, UVC+UVD band ultraviolet,
high-concentration ozone generation, in this file mode, very fast and thorough sterilization, decomposing
toxic and harmful gases, removing formaldehyde, suitable for short-term fast, high-intensity Disinfect or
remove formaldehyde.


2. Bluetooth remote control, more convenient to operate.

3. Timing function: set 1, 2, 3 hours timing

4. Function settings of UV direct irradiation disinfection:

The back of the machine is equipped with a back cover that can be opened, and you can change the lamp yourself,
which is also more convenient for maintenance, and can be directly irradiated for disinfection. In addition, the back cover is equipped with a Bluetooth lock, which
can only be unlocked by using the remote control to prevent children from accidentally opening the back cover.

5. The bottom is designed with a filter to filter hair dust.


This equipment is an upgraded version of UV1000, because the structure design is more perfect, and the
purification and disinfection effect is better. The newly added light plasma tube UV can directly
irradiate the disinfection function, which further enhances the effect. If it can be
turned on in an unmanned environment When the cover is used, the speed of disinfection and formaldehyde removal will be enhanced a lot.It can also irradiate and disinfect some items to meet the needs of the epidemic during the epidemic.



UV5000  photoplasma Commercial Air Sterilizer