Aerospace Hongda Special Ultraviolet Light Source Professional User Report
Aerospace Hongda's self-developed special light sources have a very high reputation in the industry, and most of them are used in national scientific research institutions and scientific research projects
User reports and feedback of UV core components produced by Aerospace Hongda: 

State Key Laboratory of Rare Earths, Peking University,
 State Key Laboratory of Bioelectronics , Southeast University,
  Shandong Ocean Instrument Research Institute
Test report of Uv light cleaning machine of Shanghai Guangdian LCD Display Co., LTD  
User report, College of Chemical Science and Engineering, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
Functional interface materials Group, Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences  
Tsinghua Auger report  
BIONZONE 100% user feedback 

In addition, most of the domestic universities and research institutions are our users. In many scientific literature papers, hongda brand light source has been designated to do experiments.  
For example, tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, national Nanoscience Research Center, etc., we also made spectral lamps for the calibration of national Astronomical Observatories 
  • Tsinghua Auger Report

  • SVA UV light cleaning machine test report 1

  • SVA UV light cleaning machine test report 2

  • SVA UV light cleaning machine test report 3

  • Southeast University National Laboratory for Bioelectronics

  • National Laboratory of Rare Earths, Peking University