GXP-SP UV Photoelectric Cleaning Machine Instructions
one.  washing machine function
a. Cleaning power of the cleaning machine: 1000W (with 100W/lamp, 10 U-shaped amalgam lamps with 100% ozone);
   b.   Cleaning area: the maximum is 500×500m m2,and the cleaning area can be set according to the need . ,(The panel is equipped with a switch corresponding to each lamp, which can artificially stop any one or several lamps without alarming.;
      c.   Working stateGXT-SPcleaning machine has two working states, which can be selected manually, or half-power mode, or automatic power-off mode. State 1: automatic power-off mode ------full power start, automatic power-off when cleaning time is up;   State 2: Half-power mode------ Full-power start, when the cleaning time is up, the buzzer will make two intermittent beeps and switch to half-power operation. (The switching of the working state is provided by the two-speed switchable dimming function of the ballast that drives the lamp. The 150W ballast driving each lamp is dimmed in two steps, and the illuminance is 100% during operation. , the illumination at half power is 30%. Only when working in half power state, when the working time is up, the washing machine is in half power working state (in the state of automatic power off, there is no half power work). No matter what kind of work state, when the material platform drawer is pulled out of the cabinet, the light will automatically drop to half power work.)
      d.   The temperature of the tray and the air outlet can be monitored in real time to monitor the ventilation in the machine;
    e. The cleaning time can be preset:< <1 hour,(with a timing device with a full scale of one hour, which can be manually set as needed);  
      f.  An exhaust device is installed in the machine, which can forcefully discharge the ozone in the machine quickly;
 g. The air intake has a 12v, 15W fan for forced ventilation, and the air enters the machine after being filtered by the filter;
      h.  It is convenient to replace the lamp tube and clean the filter screen.      
      I. Alarm function: When there is a lamp in the device that does not light up, it will give an audible and visual alarm (buzzer and red LED light); when an alarm occurs, the LED light located at the upper right of the panel can indicate which one is faulty . lights, and the buzzer emits a continuous alarm sound;
      j.  Automatic alarm reset function: when the fault exists and continues to alarm, you can press the alarm reset button once, and the alarm sound can be stopped. Press it again, the alarm sound resumes;
Observation hole
On the drawer panel of the material, there is a glass observation hole, which can observe the UV light in cleaning from outside the cabinet

  The main components of GXT-SP cleaning machine

GXT-SP cleaning machine is divided into four parts:
a. Material platform;
b. Filter combination;
c. Electronic control part;
            d.  Exhaust device.

 How to use the cleaning machine

1. Preparation for cleaning 1.1   To adjust the height of the material platform, the operation method is as follows: :          
a.  Pull out the material drawer (pull out all);;
b.   Hold the handles on both sides with both hands, twist the handles forward or backward with both hands, and adjust the height of the platform in the same direction;
c.  There is a ruler in front of the left and right handles, and the platform surface is aligned with the scale of the ruler, which is the distance from the platform table to the surface of the lamp tube (generally, the two rulers should indicate the same).
d.  The adjustment range of the distance between the light source of the machine and the material is: 10-40mm.  
1. 2   Setting the cleaning working time
Timer settings
The working time of the washing machine is set by the timer on the panel.

Let's first introduce the timer settings: the timer panel is as shown below

a.   Timer parameters The timer parameters are divided into three groups , ,we only consider the 1st and 2nd group parameters. Group 1:Timing Settings  HIA: t1 hour FIA: t1 minute SIA: t1 second
HIB:t2 hours  FIB: t2 minutes  SIB: t2 seconds

Group 2 : Work style settingsGroup 2 : Work style settings

oA):Valid when the password is set to 1111 .。 
STA):Startup mode setting.Mode0:0000;Mode1:0001
YC):External reset setting. YCON
   (SC):Manual reset settings. SCON

b.  Parameters and setting methods

open the front door ,, close the air switch on the lower left of the circuit installation board, and connect to AC 220V;

Next: Press the main power switch on the panel;;
Then: set parameters
Step :Select a parameter group Press and hold the SET button for more than 2 seconds without releasing it to enter the first group of parameters,
and then press and hold the SET button for more than 2 seconds without releasing it to enter the second group of parameters. 。

Step 2: Press the MOD key to select each parameter in the same parameter group

Step 3:Press the button to recall the original setting value of the parameter

Step 4:Use the
 ← key to move the modification bit (flickering bit),the ▲ ey to add,and the key to subtract to modify the parameters.  

Step 5:Press the MOD key to save the modified parameters

Step 6:
  Exit:Press and hold the·
 key in the parameter code mode until you exit the parameter setting state

 c.  How the timer works       
Set the timer startup mode to external trigger mode and reset mode to external control reset.
Startup mode-------When the STA parameter is 0001 , it can be started by the start switch of the panel. Press the start switch on the panel to start the timer.
Reset method-------
 Reset means to restore the timer to the state when it was not started. When the YCparameter is set toON it can be reset by the reset switch on the panel for more than 1 second.

 Setting of working hours
In the figure below,t
1 means:when the timer "start" button is pressed, the timer starts to count after a delay of t 1 second. t2 represents the cleaning working time.
We set t 1 to 0 and t 2 to the material cleaning time.


1.3   Set the working mode of the system Set the working mode as required: set the switch in the middle of the bottom of the panel to "half power" or "automatic power off";
      The material cleaning is in the intermittent step-by-step working state. Generally speaking, when the interval between each material cleaning is long, the "automatic power-off" working state should be selected; if the interval time is very short, the "half power" state can be used. (This will help reduce the number of times the lights are switched on and off, so as to improve the use time of the lights. However, it should be strictly observed. You should wear UV-resistant glasses to open the drawer and replace the cleaning items. It should also be noted that when extracting the material platform, you should wear gloves. to prevent burns).
1.4  Select material cleaning area
According to the area and pollution degree of the product, select the required material cleaning area. It is set to the running state by the corresponding switch on the left side of the panel.
1.5  Press the exhaust fan switch and set it to "1" to turn on the exhaust fan.
2.   The normal operation steps of the washing machine      
Step 1: Do all the preparatory work in Section 1.;
Step 2 : Press the "Start" switch of the timer; ;
Step 3: When the working time of the timer is up, in the "automatic power off", the device will automatically power off, and the entire host except the exhaust fan, AC and DC power are all cut off. Generally, turn off the exhaust fan after five minutes (adjust this time according to the speed of ozone exhaust).
In the "half power" state, when the timer time is up, the buzzer will emit two intermittent beeps and the red light blinks. At this time, the exhaust fan should continue to exhaust air.

3.  Troubleshooting methods
. fter the fault is determined correctly, replace the ballast or lamp.
    b.  The device cannot be turned on
    When the power switch is pressed, the device loses power. First, open the front door and check the air switch and power plug.     
If not, the power supply line should be cut off and checked.
    c.  If the temperature indicator on the panel indicates that the tray temperature is higher than 600C, the ventilation of the device is blocked. Clean the air filter and exhaust duct in time.
4.   Steps of material platform height adjustment
a.  Open the material drawer (all out);
b.   Hold the handles on both sides with both hands, twist the handles forward or backward, and adjust the height of the platform in the same direction;
c.  There is a scale in front of the left and right handles, and the scale of the platform facing the quasi-scale is the distance between the platform and the surface of the lamp tube (generally the two scales should indicate the same).
d.  The adjustment range of the distance between the light source and the material is 10-40mm.
5.   Replace the lamp   Replace the lamp If the lamp is not bright or aged during material cleaning, replace the lamp.      a.  Replace the lamp If the lamp is not bright or aged during material cleaning, replace the lamp.      
b.  Unscrew six M 6 x 20 screws from the filter mesh assembly above the cabinet, remove the filter mesh assembly, and all ten lamp tubes can be seen.
c.  One end of each lamp tube is hung on a special screw with a spring, and the other end is fixed with a M 3 screw. Remove the spring, unscrew the screw, the lamp tube is removed;
d.  Use this method to remove any lamp tube;
e.  Use this method to remove any lamp tube;
f.  After replacing the lamp tube, fix and install the filter screen combination and cabinet top cover according to the anti-order of B and A.
6.  Operation steps of filter cleaning and replacement in the process of material cleaning, if the tray temperature is found to rise (generally lower than 600C), the filter must be cleaned. The tray temperature can be seen from the thermometer on the panel.     
     a.  Remove the cabinet cover by referring to section 1.2 A.

    b.   Remove the filter combination according to the operation method in section B of 1.2;
    c.   Remove the seven screws connecting the filter screen combination, remove the pressure plate, and remove the air cover;
    d.  Take out the strainer with both hands;
    e.  Clean the filter screen with a vacuum cleaner (or replace it with a new filter screen). Screen size: aluminum frame non-woven 595×595×46m); ;
    f.  Use item E and C to reverse operation and assemble the filter mesh;
    g.   Fix the filter mesh combination on the platform frame with six screws;
h. Use four screws to secure the cabinet top cover.。 Use four screws to secure the cabinet top cover.
7. Object placement Description The maximum cleaning area of the GXT-SP cleaning machine is 500×500mm2. In order to achieve the optimal efficiency ratio, this cleaning machine can be through the panel of ten switches for arbitrary partition cleaning. The following figure shows the area division of the object platform:

As shown in the figure above: The object cleaning platform is divided into five areas, each area contains two 100W 100% ozone UV lamps. The ten switches on the left side of the panel correspond to the area number of the lamps. For example, if switch 1 and 2 are placed at "1" and other switches are placed at "0", the corresponding material cleaning area is 1-2. Switch 3, 4,5, 6,7, 8 at "1", other switches set "0", the corresponding material cleaning area is 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 area; Others, and so on. When all 10 switches are set to 1, the material is under the maximum cleaning area of 500×500mm2.

Four.  Repair and maintenance

1. Gxp-sp type cleaning machine does not need special maintenance. We recommend regular replacement of the lamps in the installation. Because the uv lamp with the use of time and gradually reduce the amount of light plasma release, and reduce the purification capacity, it is recommended to replace in uninterrupted use of one year or in the case of intermittent use of two to three years to replace;

2. According to the panel failure lamp indication, determine the damage of the ballast or lamp, the ballast and lamp should be replaced in time;

3. When timed (three months) or the tray temperature is too high, clean or replace the filter and clean the air outlet pipe.

.   Warning
    a.   Ultraviolet light and excessive ozone will cause certain damage to human body. It is strictly forbidden to open the material drawer and look into the light when working. In the process of material cleaning, you can see whether the lamp has been lit through the observation hole on the material drawer panel.
    b. After the cleaning time, the drawer should be opened after five minutes of ventilation, so as to cool the material and disperse the ozone. When taking materials, gloves should be worn to prevent overheating and hot hands.

 After-sales service

1. One-year warranty, lifelong maintenance;
2. Abnormal use damage or by the company's professional disassembly is not
3. We look forward to your use of our products, experience, questions and improvement suggestions.
Photo description of light cleane
Gxt-sp cleaning machine from the front view of the full picture 
2. Complete picture of the GXT-SP cleaner after the rear door is removed