User Feedback of Optical Plasma Purifiers
UVCNThe UVCN light plasma purifier was born during the SARS period, which is the most distinctive feature of this machine. Therefore, it is a purifier that came into being due to the "virus", so his positioning is in the "virus". Sterilization, disinfection" function.
The sudden outbreak of the epidemic during the Spring Festival in 2020 caught everyone by surprise. Everyone is cautious, wearing masks, spraying various disinfectants, and the topic of disinfection has become our most important event. On February 8, the press conference of the leading group for epidemic prevention and control revealed that some health and epidemic prevention experts pointed out that the main routes of transmission of new coronary pneumonia that can be determined at present are direct transmission, aerosol transmission and contact transmission. Therefore, the coronavirus is not only a droplet infection, but also spreads in the air, which cannot be prevented. Experts also pointed out that ultraviolet light can kill the coronavirus, and ultraviolet disinfection has become an unprecedented concern.
In fact, it is very simple to target this virus, that is, short-wave high-energy-level ultraviolet light, which can instantly decompose any virus.
Therefore, 15 years ago, our company's positioning of products is sterilization, because this light plasma can quickly and thoroughly decompose SARS virus and all viruses and bacteria.
The optical plasma purifier is not only for the disinfection of the air, but also includes the disinfection of the surface of the object in the entire space. In general, the disinfectant sprayed in the hospital can only target the surface of the object, and it is time-sensitive, and the optical plasma is passed through the entire space. Airborne, as long as the machine is not turned off, it is a 24 -hour continuous sterilization and disinfection without dead ends, so the purifier with this technology is very effective and safe for SARS virus and infectious diseases disinfection in hospitals.

During the SARS period in 2003 , Aerospace Hongda established a light cleaning machine and developed high-energy special UV core components.

In 2005 , the optical plasma purifier with special ultraviolet light source as the core component was developed.
The special ultraviolet industry is not valued in China, and the United States and Japan are technologically leading. Special UV technology has a wide range of applications, and there are many related technologies, such as UV communication, some key links in chip production, all use special UV, but they have always depended on imports.

Aerospace Hongda independently developed high-quality special ultraviolet light sources and ballasts in 2004 , and the quality is even higher than that of some imported products.
For more than ten years, it has become a well-reputed brand in the industry in this field, and it has been used for many national scientific research institutions. , University research labs provide products for scientific research experiments.

The special ultraviolet light source is different from ordinary ultraviolet disinfection lamps. It has higher ultraviolet radiation intensity and ultraviolet density, has the ability to decompose at the atomic level, and has a longer and stable service life, which can reach 8000-10000 hours.

The UVCN light plasma purifier adopts this high-quality special ultraviolet technology and applies it to household products, so the "core" of this product is extraordinary. Because the special light source is used in industrial equipment for advanced photochemical cleaning, it is required to achieve the ability to clean and decompose organic substances at the atomic level in the shortest time. However, Aerospace Hongda has applied such high-end "super" ultraviolet components to civilian products, so it is only It will create the amazing treatment effect of UVCN light plasma purifier.

From 2005 to 2021 , this purifier has a history of 16 years , and the optical plasma technology is still an unfamiliar technology even to the current Chinese consumers, even in the professional field of application China is starting so late. The application of special UV in civilian products is not only in China, but also in the world, there are very few companies that can master this technology. The application level of special UV technology of Aerospace Hongda can be said to be relatively mature in the world. We not only become the supplier of some advanced scientific research institutions in China, but also provide professional UV core components for some high-quality products abroad. Because of the high cost of the core components of the special UV, the optical plasma purifier has a very "high" cost and pricing.

The current pricing of UVCN light plasma purifiers has been adjusted to a very low price according to domestic consumers' perception of the product. Because the average consumer doesn't understand the true value of this technology. It can be said that the UVCN optical plasma purifier is a relatively special product, not only using a high-precision industrial-grade "core", but also designed by an old scientist/senior engineer with more than 50 years of scientific research experience, He once worked in the Ministry of Space and has been engaged in the design of anti-missile systems for more than 35 years. He is also the general manager and technical leader of Aerospace Hongda. This is a true "high-tech" purifier, with a solid and senior technical background and strength, injecting "extraordinary quality and soul" into this product.

It has been 15 years since this product came out , and there are still old customers who have been using this product, which is enough to show that its quality and technology are very good. It is a product with long-lasting vitality, because it has an "extraordinary" core, which is the core technology.