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Harbin rescue animal family, cats and people used to be poisoned by wiping the floor with disinfectant for a long time. After receiving our purifier, it is very obvious that the breathing conditions of the cat and the owner are much better, and the odor in the home is gone.

In January 2016 , donated a UV1000A050 to the Harbin rescue family Photoplasma air purifier

"Mr. Garfield" of Tianya Forum : Harbin, freelance  since 2008 , began to rescue stray animals. Living environment: The house area is 56 square meters. There is only one side window in the east, and the room cannot form air convection. There are currently 16 cats, 2 dogs, and 5 chickens in the family.

Because of the long-term use of disinfectant to wipe the floor at home , all cats were poisoned . In order to have a clean living environment, she kept scrubbing all night. For this reason, she suffered from frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. She sneezes and tears , the air in the room is dirty , she ca n't breathe , the cat urinates casually because of her illness , and her family often quarrels with her , and she can't stand such an environment . In such a living environment, she was tortured and troubled both mentally and physically. After receiving the machine , her cat, including her own tears , cough and sneeze symptoms began to ease . The odor problem that had been bothering her was completely resolved within a few hours of turning it on. In addition to the most direct feeling and deodorization , this machine is also very effective in removing bacteria and viruses in the air .

Later, she recommended this machine to many families who rescue stray animals, and it was very popular . It not only solved the problem of odor , but more importantly, the infectious disease of cats , and the chance of getting sick was greatly reduced .

She told me that there was a family where many cats were sick . After the purifier was turned on in the room, all the cats gathered in the room where the purifier was turned on, and the cats were lying on the ground because cats were more sensitive to the air than humans. Sensitive , they can feel that the air has become better , and many people who borrowed purifiers from her refuse to return them because they are "life-saving machines".


Received time: 2016-01-20  

I am very grateful to the landlord, Xiao Ermao, for the recommendation of the moderator, which has enabled me to obtain the Photoplasma air purifier qualification to use UVCN for free .Today, I received the air purifier donated by Xiaoermao, and I couldn't wait to open the package. The outer packaging used four layers of shock-proof foam.

  After reading the instruction manual in detail, turn on the power supply, and place the air purifier at the door of my house where small shoes and big fat meat often spray urine . The number of times I go to the cat litter box to urinate is no more than 10 times a month. I have been urinating everywhere, small shoes, stones, and urinating for 18 months. Both cats have been treated and recovered, but they are urinating randomly) Then I turned on the ozone switch, and it was not In ten minutes, the strong smell of urine can no longer be smelled from a long distance. After a few minutes, the walls that have been severely corroded by urine can't even smell any peculiar smell. The room is full of very fresh smells. At this time, you Being able to deeply experience your own breathing is also very smooth and comfortable.

I was shocked by this feeling. Since cats and cats have been sick, they have never felt comfortable and refreshing. It is this light plasma air purifier called "artifact" by cat friends who has been surrounded by unpleasant odors all the year round. At this moment , it's a really happy feeling

I once said that my cat was poisoned twice with disinfectant , and my favorite big boy and Xiaohei left me forever. The main purpose of using disinfectant is to remove the odor of messy urine. I didn’t expect to pay a painful cost. I used to scrub all night in order to have a clean living environment. I suffered from frozen shoulder and tennis elbow. I was half-crippled. It bothered me for the past two years, and I couldn't solve it. This air purifier was actually done in ten minutes, and it did no harm to people and animals. Maybe there are harmful gases left in the room. The cats and cats at home have symptoms of crying, coughing and sneezing from time to time. I used it on the first day today, cat The cat has never had the above symptoms again, and it is obvious that he is in a particularly comfortable state.

Because this kitten was inexperienced as a substitute caregiver, it was sent to hide in a big tank and was shaved because of the flea, and even the body was shaved. After that, I took over and went home for isolation. , I don't know what external repellant was used by the previous breeder. The room was full of a strong smell of pesticides. I quickly took this air purifier to the room where the cat was isolated, and turned on the ozone switch. Just a few minutes later, the pesticides The smell can no longer be smelled. The cat has mild symptoms of poisoning when she takes it home, and the base of her ears is black and purple She continues to use the air purifier in her isolated room, and now the cat has returned to normal.