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Beijing Xiaoyang cat friend lent the purifier to the teacher\'s house. Her cat used this machine when the herpes virus broke out, and it was quickly controlled, reducing the cross infection of cats.

Youwei·UV Photoplasma air purifier User Experience - Home and Pets

                                                Beijing Xiaoyang Cat Friends


1. Improve indoor air and reduce the number of allergic rhinitis attacks

When I graduated from college, because of an accidental allergy, I got a problem, allergic rhinitis. Usually the nasal cavity is sensitive to odors, sudden changes in air temperature, and especially sensitive to dust mites. These factors often cause me to constantly sneeze, runny nose, and eventually nasal congestion. Also, I live in downtown Beijing, where the air is relatively dry and dusty. As long as I sweep the floor, I keep sneezing, and the consumption of tissue paper at home and in the office is still considerable.


This situation has been greatly improved since I used the Ultralight plasma purifier. I feel that the air filtered by the purifier is much fresher, and it is not so easy to sneeze when sweeping the floor. In addition, sleeping with the purifier on, the number of nasal congestion caused by various reasons has been significantly reduced. I usually disinfect each room in the house every morning at home, and the gear is mid-range + oxygen ion mode. After disinfection, turn on low mode and turn off oxygen ions. This keeps the indoor air fresh all the time.


Second, remove pet odor


I am a standard shit shoveling officer. I have a baby cat at home. One of my teachers also helps her take care of a few cats. Cats are animals that love cleanliness. The only drawback is that they have to pee in the indoor litter box. They are sometimes lazy, and they don’t cover the toilet in time after going to the toilet, so the room often drifts into their litter box. the taste of. Even if it is discovered in time and shoveled out in time, the smell in the house will still take a while to disappear. Now that you have this purifier, you don't have to worry about it. When there is a peculiar smell of poop in the house, you can immediately strengthen the + oxygen ion, and the odor will be quickly removed, and the effect is obvious.


Three, pet environment sterilization and disinfection


The teachers' cats are group cats. When the spring and autumn seasons alternate, there will inevitably be outbreaks of herpes virus. If the purifier is used in advance, they can safely help them get through this more worrying stage. Once the teacher called me and said that one cat started to sneeze on the first day, and the other cat started to sneeze on the second day. I was worried that it was an outbreak of herpes virus, so I hurriedly took the purifier and used it for a few days. The symptoms of sneezing were quickly controlled in the cat group, so that as soon as a cat sneezed, I came to the door with a purifier to help disinfect and sterilize. Within an hour, the odor in the room was obviously eliminated, and the smell of trees and grass was full. The purification effect was great! Cats also love this little guard, and often come over to watch, sniff and rub.