• UV5310-M air disinfection and purification system
  • UV5530-M air disinfection and purification system
  • UV5350-M air disinfection and purification system
  • Embedded air disinfection and purification system
  • car purification module
  • High speed rail disinfection module

Intelligent optical plasma air purification equipment

This purification equipment is installed in the ceiling, independent purification system, no need to combine fresh air and central air conditioning

Active oxygen mode: no ozone + ozone adjustable mode

Installation mode: installed in the ceiling

The applicable area is only an approximation. The applicable area is mainly determined according to the polluted environment. The applicable area of different environments will be very different.

Product number Specification size mm Air volume m3/h power Outlet diameter mm Applicable area m2
UV5320-M 415X300X165 200 83W 100 15-40
UV5335-M 490X423X195 350 183W 150 50-100
UV5380-M 600X482X336 800 287W 200 80-200

model UV6000
Negative Pressure Equipment for Severely Infected Patient Ward
large-scale ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection system
 Medical staff life equipment/system

Be applicable Bedside of patients in a severely susceptible environment (high-concentration virus droplets, aerosol environment). ICU ward Fangcang cabin hospital and other large spaces Severely susceptible environments (high concentrations of virus droplets, aerosol environments)
Function Negative pressure for patients in local space and positive pressure for medical staff can reduce the probability of infection of medical staff. Large space, sterilization, disinfection, air purification, Internet of Things, and wired network remote control. Cooperate with special protective clothing to provide medical staff with comfortable, convenient, safe and intelligent medical care environment) Remote monitoring and assistance through the Internet of Things and big data. Achieve zero infection. (Integration of the above-mentioned technologies of our company).。
size 600X400X30mm custom made Single carry type/portable type/fixed system
power 80W custom made custom made
schedule UV4000 and UV5000 modules can be ported to this signal. There is currently no prototype. Because of the metal casing. It is expected that small quantities can be produced from February to February. technical reserve project Integrate the results of its own series of products. Technology is feasible. Start industrialization again according to market demand. This is a high-tech project, but it must wait for capital to enter, or national policy support is relatively mature for the company's technology. The temporary technical reserve. If the external conditions are met, the prototype will be produced in a cycle of about 1 year.