The company has cross-industry, multi-discipline, and quick-response practical capabilities, and can exert its advantages in fields with large professional spans such as optics, mechanics, and electricity. properties, the products created maintain technological advantages. The company has always adhered to the principle of quality first and strict management. Since 2001, the company has focused on the development and application of special light sources in the field of purification, and has successively developed vacuum ultraviolet spectrometers, light cleaning machines, special light source power supplies, a series of air purifiers and water treatment products. It has been adopted by many foreign companies, and the vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer has won the national invention patent. In 2003, it won the Haidian Park Innovation Fund.

The company has its own manufacturing base, and has passed ISO 9000 quality system certification, and some products have also passed RhoS; TUV-GS and other certifications. The company insists on independent innovation; it is not only rewarded by government departments, but also recognized by customers at home and abroad.

Product Features

Can produce dual wavelengths185nmand254nm. UV lamps with different wavelengths can be customized and produced according to the specific needs of customers.

In order to ensure the stable performance of UV lamps, all lamps are made of quartz

To ensure the conductivity of the pins, all UV lamps use gold-plated pins

UV lamp can be customized according to the customer's specific parameters, such as power, current, external size and shape, etc.

The company not only provides high-quality UV lamps, but also produces matching electronic ballasts. Our ballasts can not only meet the needs of conventional UV lamps, but also can customize special voltage ballasts according to the specific requirements of customers.


Aerospace HTC light source performance
1. Gold-plated lamp pins are used, manual welding is used at the welding place, and the craftsmanship is fine.
2. The lamp head adopts ceramic sealing glaze, which increases the hardness of the lamp head, anti-oxidation, smooth and durable.
3. The exhaust temperature reaches 800 degrees. Thorough exhaust, no getter, high light transmittance in the tube, not easy to black
4. The mercury content of the lamp is 2.6mg, the EU standard is 3mg, which is more environmentally friendly.
5. The use of solid mercury in production solves the problems of light decay and environmental pollution.
6. Direct communication can work normally.
7. Complete variety, support customization

8. Long-term cooperation with internationally renowned companies

Aerospace HTC's advantages :

●Aerospace Hongda has its own UV technology research institute;
●It has its own R&D laboratory, and also has an experienced R&D expert group
●The vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer independently developed by the company can detect the minimum wavelength below 50 nanometers and the resolution up to 0.02nm, which also ensures that we can manufacture high-quality light source systems.  

Matching of UV light source and special ballast:
It is recommended to purchase the UV lamp with the UV special ballast independently developed by UVCN Aerospace Hongda.
Aerospace HTC ballasts can be matched with UV lamps after repeated tests with UV lamps before they are put on the market, which
improves the working efficiency of UV lamps. After testing by foreign users, the service life can reach more than 12,000 hours.

Testing and after-sales:

Before the products of Aerospace Hongda leave the factory, each product is recorded and tested with detailed data, which greatly improves the product stability of customers. Within one year from the date of purchase, if there is no quality problem caused by artificial damage, it can be replaced free of charge. (Enjoy the warranty service when the UVCN brand light source and ballast are used together)

High power low pressure mercury lamp
Medium pressure mercury lamp
Promise light source
pulsed light source
High power low pressure mercury lamp power supply
Medium pressure mercury lamp power supply
Electrodeless light source power supply
UVCN's special ultraviolet light sources include low-pressure mercury lamps and high-pressure mercury lamps.
Produce dual-wavelength UV lamps, and can customize lamps of different specifications according to user needs: L-type, S-type, N-type ring lamps, etc.

In many years of scientific research and production activities, adhere to the scientific attitude and the spirit of truth-seeking. Such as the development of ultraviolet light sources, for Aerospace HTC, it was a layman in 2003 , and everything started from scratch. Professor Cai Zuquan, vice president of Shanghai Fudan University, a famous electric light source expert in China (known as the "father of light sources" in China) participated in the research and development of special light sources of Aerospace Hongda and put forward two important points:
1) Light source materials
2) Production technology

Aerospace Hongda spent a year independently developing a vacuum ultraviolet spectrometer through technological innovation, which solved the problem of testing light source materials. At the same time, through repeated practice, we have found out that the typical process pursues high-quality results in the production process.

Ultraviolet disinfection method was first used in the United States ( the US Environmental Protection Agency completed the first demonstration project of ultraviolet disinfection of sewage in 1970 ) , and it is now widely used in the United States and Canada. After more than 30 years of development, UV technology has become a mature, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection technology, and has been widely used in many fields abroad. Ultraviolet disinfection technology is the latest generation of disinfection technology that emerged in the late 1990s . It has a wide range of applications in the field of air and water treatment. It integrates optics, microbiology, electronics, fluid mechanics, and aerodynamics. It has high efficiency, broad spectrum, low cost, long life, large water volume and no secondary pollution. It is internationally recognized as the mainstream disinfection technology in the 21st century . Sterilization and disinfection are the main functions of ultraviolet technology in the field of air and wastewater.

In many industries in our country, it is very necessary to apply UV technology, such as food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, health care products industry, high-end manufacturing, high-tech industries and so on. At present, there is a big gap between my country's application promotion and foreign countries. The core technology and core components of a few projects rely on imports. The scientific research results of independent intellectual property rights cannot develop rapidly due to the lack of sufficient R&D investment and policy support. , and also affects the transformation of existing results.

UV core technology innovation, development of national industries, and participation in international market competition.

(1) (1)The domestic UV industry is relatively backward. Most are in a state of simple integration. The final performance is restricted by the level of UV light source and power supply, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs in technology. Through the technological innovation of core technologies, especially core components, the successful development of new, high-efficiency, high-performance light sources and power sources will drive the rapid development of this field in China.

2) Introduce the modification process of new nanomaterials and new quartz materials (key materials of light sources). The service life of the existing light source can be greatly improved. Reduce operation and maintenance costs and facilitate the popularization of future industrial system products.

At present, the domestic UV industry operates in isolation in a certain link of the industrial chain, which limits the development of technology. Due to the wide range of majors and industries in this field, they do not know each other. It is difficult to develop a single technical field to form an application system with a certain level, and the research and development of key components, special ultraviolet light sources and power sources, is difficult to meet the requirements of the system. Conversely, companies engaged in application systems do not understand the former technology, so it is difficult to put forward exact requirements and match them; and the light source power supply is another field that is different from the light source industry. The coordination of the three is more complicated. Moreover, the existing system of system companies is difficult to ensure that the achievements of light sources and power supplies are exclusively enjoyed by system companies, and intellectual property rights cannot be effectively protected.

The core content of UV technology: light source, power supply, application system. It is not only three different industries, but also has a very close matching relationship between them.
The core content of UV technology: light source, power supply, application system. It is not only three different industries, but also has a very close matching relationship between them. Only in the "three-in-one" (or N -in- one) system where one enterprise completes the entire industrial chain, can we achieve the best of all key links in the industrial chain. Only by matching, can the outstanding contradictions in the coordination of each link be overcome, and the innovation of UV technology can be developed rapidly. Aerospace Hongda is an enterprise with this advantage. We combine the research and development and production of light sources, power supplies and application systems, so our product performance is more stable. Because of the research and development capabilities of core components, we also have good product innovation. ability.

2) Technological innovation
* Light source innovation: (Research and develop new light sources ( pulse light sources, electrodeless light sources, high-power ultraviolet light sources and special light sources suitable for water treatment)
* Power innovation: Develop the matching light source power supply and realize the perfect match with the light source and system.
3)System innovation:
1) In the system design, the three parts in the industry chain achieve high-quality matching; and keep synchronization
2) In the system design, the pursuit of excellent sterilization and disinfection effect, adhere to the combination of UV core technology and other applicable technologies.

3)Use the existing research and development achievements (self-developed various sensors, special circuits, detection systems, etc.) to realize the intelligentization of the system.

Domestic Status and Trends Due to the need for environmental protection

Ultraviolet technology will become the mainstream technology and development trend in the field of water pollution control, sterilization and disinfection

(1)The domestic development status is far behind developed countries abroad, and there are few proprietary intellectual property rights. Basically in the agent, technical support and service status of large foreign companies. Even if they have their own products, they are mostly low-level integration. In particular, some high-performance core components - light source and power supply, mainly rely on imports.
Although some larger companies in China also have similar products; but it is not its main product (mainly lighting sources; its products and technology are still far away from foreign countries, and it is difficult to meet the needs of water pollution control.
(2)Developed countries abroad have been in the field of ultraviolet applications for decades. Through continuous mergers and acquisitions, multinational companies with upstream, midstream and downstream industrial chains have been gradually formed, and they have monopolized most of the international market. It is now entering China to preempt the domestic high-end market.
(3)The international field of UV environmental protection has gradually entered diversification (for different application objects), large-scale, specialization and automation. Its core components, the light source and power supply, are developing in the direction of high power, high efficiency and high performance.  
(4) New light sources and power sources have entered the application of system products in developed countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, the newer core components of light source and power supply products are basically undertaken by small and medium-sized enterprises and colleges and universities. They are still in the development stage and are still far from industrialization.  

 Domestic existing technology base
(1)Most of the UV application technologies are in the stage of imitation, digestion and absorption, but colleges and universities have developed in theory and have gradually formed a system. Environmental majors have been established in universities, but the UV technology is relatively weak, and the production is relatively weak. , academic and research cooperation is relatively weak in this field. 
(2)  Although the UV light source and power supply, especially the products dedicated to water treatment systems, have technical achievements, the application research results are very poor, so that the "transformation of achievements" is still in theory, and it is impossible to achieve the effect indicators in engineering practice and environmental protection. It is imperative to strengthen applied research. 
(3)Although some large listed companies also make light sources, their main business is still lighting sources, and the investment in research
(4)To develop uv system and light source.  Due to the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, China has a good industrial foundation, lower costs and raw materials, production equipment and supporting advantages compared with foreign countries, which has a good foundation for the development of the industry.   
(5) Colleges and research institutes in this field have a certain foundation in basic RESEARCH and development, and the corresponding surrounding fields are relatively complete and perfect;  But the research direction is not clear and the industry chain, and the lack of enterprise combination.  In the future, the industry chain will be driven.  Take the road of combining production, learning and research.  It is very beneficial to the technical development of our country in this technical field.   

Existing research and development experience, scientific and technological achievements

The company has 17 years of research experience in ultraviolet technology since 2003. It started from the introduction of ultraviolet radiation and light cleaning technology abroad, and started from system integration. It was found that the core components, special UV light source and power supply could not be solved, the domestic technical indicators could not reach, and the import was banned abroad. The blockade of foreign countries, so that we have to encourage independent research and development, from the core components of light source research and development to the final system research and development process.  
(1) 2003-04, focus on breakthrough of special ULTRAVIOLET light source  
(2)  Supporting the synchronous light source power (electronic ballast research and development) 
(3) Research and development of production test equipment.
(4) Research and development of light source detection equipment -- vacuum ULTRAVIOLET spectrometer.  
(5)  Research and development of ultraviolet radiation light cleaning machine  
(6) Research and development of optical plasma air purifier, 2005-07 
(7) Research and development of UV lampblack purification system in 2008-2009 
(8) 10 years - Start the development of water treatment and "ship ballast water system" to solve the international biological invasion problem.
These include: :
 A. Research and development of key parts of water treatment system, research and development of various measurement and control sensors, computer control units
 B. Cooperate with the research and development of ballast water power supply.
 C. Development of high power medium pressure mercury lamp
 D. Ballast water test system development.
(9) Research and development of non-standard equipment for special light source production experiment equipment according to different stages during the project.

The scientific research achievements that have been made  

(1)  Vacuum ULTRAVIOLET spectrometer, a key equipment for special light source detection, was developed. Can measure the light wave of 50-300nm. Make it become the key detection equipment of special ULTRAVIOLET light source. Domestic counterparts do not have (domestic only a few imported equipment mostly used in aerospace, nuclear industry).。
(2) Developed special experimental production equipment for special UV light source (not available on the market).
(3) Developed high-power 300W UV light source for photochemistry. It has been used in large ship equipment, military ULTRAVIOLET communication, and new organic thin film photovoltaic materials (used by many universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other RESEARCH and development institutions) and other fields. The problem of surface treatment of modern materials is solved. In addition, it is also used in the semiconductor industry epitaxial testing wafer modification process. Replace the original chemical method, greatly improve the user's economic benefits. The technology is patented and has a foundation for transplanting it into water treatment applications. (The core technologies have similarities, just different applications.)
(4)The special ultraviolet light source developed by the company has been successfully used in the field of air treatment. Finland Biozone Pure brand air purifier company has abandoned the original foreign supplier and used our core components for more than 10 years. Core components for air purifiers have entered the ranks of international advanced.  
(5)The uv technology has been applied to air pollution control and sterilization effect of various products, and some indicators have surpassed domestic counterparts. The disinfection effect of the product has passed the sterilization and disinfection effect test of several national testing units -- China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, National Environmental Protection Products Testing Institute, etc  
(6)Its core components - light source and a number of varieties of power supply has passed the European certification.  
(7)Ten patents and authorized intellectual property rights have been granted for the company's system products and core components.  
(8) The company's ULTRAVIOLET system products and key components have won a number of national awards  
(9) The two products were certified as Beijing Independent innovation products and listed in the government procurement catalog.  
(10)Established "Ultraviolet Technology Research Institute" in 2007 (registered for industry and commerce and recognized as "Beijing Scientific Research Institute" by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission) 
(11)In 2011, we signed an industry-university-research agreement with a domestic home appliance light source college, and became their internship base. We selected outstanding graduates to join the enterprise, and hired professional technical backbone of electric light source who had served for many years in a foreign enterprise (famous foreign peer enterprise) as the head of the experimental base.  
(12)A group of cross-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, old, middle-aged and young backbone team has been trained to shoulder important responsibilities in the UV industry chain. Especially the r & D personnel in the three parts of the industrial chain and technicians with certain experience and hands-on ability.  
(13)We have established close cooperation with universities, scientific research institutions and well-known experts and scholars in the field. In order to support the basic research of the school, we have provided the light source test samples free for many years. We have established a good relationship with relevant professional scientific research institutions and have certain resources.

Such as:
  Zhang Pengyi, Professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Environment, 
Tsinghua University Professor CAI Zuquan, vice president of Fudan University and director of The Institute of Electric Light Source, is an expert of electric light source of Fudan University (the father of electric light source)  
Fudan University electric light source expert - Professor Zhu Shaolong 
Professor Zhang Zhonglian, Dr. Tang Yi, Beijing Institute of Technology
Dr. Guimei Yuan, China University of Petroleum.。

Aerospace Hongda special light source
The "Ultraviolet Road" of AEROSPACE HTC

Aerospace HONGda company in 2001 set up a project "ultraviolet light cleaning machine", so the project needs to use imported ULTRAVIOLET core components, but in the procurement process was rejected by the Japanese enterprise, at that time the domestic ULTRAVIOLET light source technical indicators can not meet the requirements of the project system. In the face of foreign "technology blockade" and technical discrimination against China, so inspired hongda aerospace to make China's own high-quality special UV core components determination. Under the condition of no foundation, the company started from scratch, independent research and development of uv core components and the whole system. No equipment, no instruments on the independent development, no funds sold their own house, in order to research and development at all costs.

In 2005, zhang Runsong, the general manager and technical leader, presided over the design and development of the first special UV light source test production line. In 2006, we independently developed the first key equipment for the research and development of UV light source - vacuum UV spectrometer. The special uv light source and power supply that meet the requirements of the project system have been produced.

In 2006, as the inventor, the invention patent of "ULTRAVIOLET radiation light cleaning Machine" was authorized.
In 2007, "Ultraviolet Technology Research Institute" was established, which broke the passive situation of ultraviolet core components being "blocked" by foreign countries.
Because of the advanced light source and power supply technical indicators and reliable performance, HTC has become the world famous brand "BIZONE" air purifier core components supplier.
After nearly 10 years of concentrated research on ULTRAVIOLET technology, our company's ultraviolet core components enjoy a certain reputation at home and abroad.

At home, with the famous international point light expert at fudan university vice-chancellor professor Cai Zuquan, electric light source experts shao-long zhu, a professor at fudan university in Shanghai), tsinghua university professor wen-jun liu (international famous water treatment expert) and the university of science and technology, optical, professor in the institute of spring machine spectrometer experts fu-tian li researcher have close cooperation, such as "space hongda" and Zhang Runsong, In the industry has a certain impact.


In 2008, the ultraviolet core component light source and special power supply have been successfully developed, and the technical indicators are leading in China and catching up with the international advanced level.
In 2009, "Special production line for Special ULTRAVIOLET Light Source" was successfully developed.
In 2010, "ultraviolet radiation fume purification system" was successfully developed.
In 2011, the design scheme of the core technology of "Ship ballast water Treatment System" was completed, and the key equipment and core components made periodic achievements.